“the daddy 101 session was absolutely invaluable. it really brought home to me what was happening, gave me the answers I needed (in many cases to things I hadn’t even thought of yet!) and motivated me to start reading up and finding out more about caring for a baby.” stuart, daddy 101

“daddy 101 is a perfect name, in fact, because the session assumed precisely zero knowledge, and didn’t make anyone feel ashamed if that was the case.  I loved the fact that you gave the mother’s perspective, but in a conspiratorial way – not at all preachy – that made the class feel that we had a proper insight into how our partners would be feeling.”  tim, daddy 101

“I flew less than a week after my session with Orla.  That weekend a plane had crashed in Bali.  I felt none of the crippling fear and obsessiveness that would usually overcome me after seeing a crash on the news.  The day of my flight, I was extremely calm and able to enjoy my airport experience.  It was almost like I couldn’t access the deep rooted knot of anxiety I normally carry with me through an airport.”  nicola, flying phobia  individual session