Do you sometimes feel that parenting is a one-way street?

That yes, you love your child deeply but their constant need for you and your attention is becoming draining?

That you’re becoming invisible not just to others but to yourself too?

That you’re no longer at the bottom of your To-Do list but have fallen off it altogether?!

Would you like to redress the balance? To understand clearly that parenting is not the one-way street you thought but a very active two-way street where both child and parent give and receive equally?

That it’s about you too?

The Baby Messenger is an exciting new online course that gives you a whole new perspective on parenting. A perspective that reveals all of the gifts and messages your child has brought for you. Messages that have a powerful effect on how you see your child and yourself.

Over the course of 6 weeks it ...

  • uncovers the strengths you have not yet realised
  • the traits you wish to change
  • the soul-to-soul connection you have with your child - your Soul Contract
  • and the simple way you can create a stable foundation on which you and your family can grow and thrive.
Simply put, it rebalances the partnership you have with your child and restores the emotional balance between the two of you!

I’m Orla Breeze and I’m the founder of Soul to Soul Partnership. I’ve been working with groups and individuals as a Spiritual Teacher and EFT practitioner for the past 16 years, and specifically with parents since 2005. Through my workshops, online courses and individual sessions – and as the creator and writer of parenting magazine column Rated PG! - I’ve had the privilege of assisting parents to create the emotional balance they need to safely navigate their parenting partnerships – whether with their significant other, their children, their in-laws etc. My new course The Baby Messenger focuses specifically on the partnership between parent and child.

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Who Should Take This Course?

Parents of any age and stage who would like:-

  • to see and understand the connection they have with their child from a Soul perspective
  • to create more balance, calm and joy within that relationship
  • to receive the messages their child has come to give them
  • to see themselves and their strengths clearly
  • to build a firm foundation for their family

“Orla’s insights on parenting and how to have the balance between being me, a mother and a wife are simply the best I have ever come across. Her non-judgmental and fun ways of explaining how to overcome the fear of being a first time mum, and her practical suggestions on how to set boundaries are something I highly value and am still following because they WORK!! I am so glad to have had Orla’s assistance before giving birth as she gently prepared me for what is yet to come…”

Sonia, Hong Kong

What You Get When You Enrol

  • A weekly pre-recorded video lesson to watch online
  • Powerful yet practical exercises to deepen your understanding and clarify each lesson.
  • A weekly online Q&A session to ask questions, share thoughts and experiences, and receive guidance from me.
  • Lifetime access to the pre-recorded lessons and exercises.
  • The option to book a 30-minute private session with me at the end of the course

So, if you’re ready to discover the messages your child has come to give you, to understand your connection at a deeper level, and to bring more joy, calm and balance into your family life – sign up for The Baby Messenger now! But hurry, course begins February 3!

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