How To Know You’re Connecting With Your Business Intuition

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I’ve seen this asked many times online but here’s the thing, it’s not a question that can be definitively answered. Don’t get me wrong, I think we’d all be very happy if it had a really clear answer like:-

Our Intuition always responds in a loud voice with a strong Welsh accent on the second Monday of every month just as you’re brushing your teeth.

And to be fair, that may be true for someone out there. It’s just unlikely.

You see, our Intuition doesn’t speak to all of us in the same way. Some of us are more visual, some more aural, some more sensitive. Our Intuition is going to speak to us in whatever way is the most efficient for the message it’s sending. Also it’s not a one-off conversation. It’s more of an on-going communication that we tend to ignore for the first 100-1000 times it happens. (That may or may not be an exaggeration.) I usually get the message when I’m in the middle of doing nothing much and suddenly have a clear knowing around an issue I’m facing. Or it could be an image I see during an afternoon daydream. Or maybe a colour that I can’t ignore. At least, that’s how it is for me. Which is my whole point. It’s different for everyone.

So you’re never going to find an article with a definitive answer because the answer isn’t ‘out there’ – the answer comes from our own experience of working with our Intuition. Only you can know how your Soul speaks to you and only you can know that by following the prompts you get and seeing where they lead. Because that will tell you if you’re following your own wants or following the plan your Soul set for you before you were even born. And I know that’s probably not the answer you were hoping for when you started reading but it’s the only true answer I know.

As for those eagle-eyed readers who may be wondering why I haven’t mentioned the phrase “Business Intuition” once in this article despite its title, it’s because we don’t have different kinds of Intuition that are neatly placed into different categories, There’s only the one kind. And all of it knows what our next step is whether personal or business or otherwise.

And although I am not the voice of your Intuition – I’m sure you’re relieved to hear – I’d hazard a guess that one of those steps is Meditation. There’s no simpler way to make that intuitive connection.

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